B-to-B and wholesale CLS Healthcare has a number of interesting brands. Smart brand positioning and a carefully selected product range ensure that each brand serves a clear target group and segment.


We always listen carefully to our customers. We dare to claim that we know exactly what our customers want. That is why Pleasurelab makes smart, affordable versions of proven concepts. But at the same time we realized that sometimes you have to go one step further. Making things that people do not yet know they want to have - simply because they do not exist yet. That's why we give young, talented designers the chance to experiment.

To develop products that allow you to experience a next level of sexual pleasure. Pleasurelab. Designed for bliss.


Zimbra lingerie is founded by Dutch model, media-personality and entrepreneur Zimra Geurts. Zimbra Lingerie makes beautiful, sexy and stylish lingerie available to everyone and to all sizes, for an affordable price.

Together, let's change the lingerie industry a little.

Everybody is a 'lingerie body'!


The Dutch Spirit

Sex toys made of ceramics. A combination of 17th century craftmanship and 21st century tolerance and independence. Collectables that go equally well on the bedside table as on the mantelpiece. Designed by Fenna Oosterhoff. Handmade in Holland.


Explicit Blue

The products of Explicit Blue do what they promise. The products of Explicit Blue are not medicines, but ‘sexual health enhancing supplements and products’.

We work with ingredients whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven and which contribute to good health in general, and have a beneficial effect on sex-drive and the quality of an erection in particular. In addition, we ensure that the active ingredients in the products are always processed at a higher dose than with comparable products.

Explicit Blue. Sexual health enhancement.



A condom case with a beautiful and eye-catching design attracts attention and is also very helpful to reach the right target audience. These condom covers are ideal addition to your event or promotion goals!
Order now condom covers with your own design. You can make the design yourself or we can do this for you, for a small price. The condom cases will be fully in line with your brand or event.

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