Profile CLS Healthcare has been active in the e-commerce sector since 2008 and has secured a leading position in the field through its development of custom-made e-commerce software. Additionally, CLS Healthcare has a great deal of expertise in the fields of online marketing, big data applications, and target market analysis. CLS Healthcare uses the newest technologies to create the best client experience through its implementation of platforms, products, and services.

CLS Healthcare is the parent company of, condom brands Safe en Condoomfabriek-condoms,, and, among others.

CLS Healthcare is also active as a wholesaler of pharmaceutical products and medical instruments. CLS supplies products directly from its own stock and from its own brand (including condoms) for both the B2B and B2C markets.

CLS Healthcare has a network of e-communities and webshops which are used in a variety of ways for marketing purposes: - to stimulate the sale of products through its own channels – to have other parties (suppliers and manufacturers, but media companies as well) use the platforms and channels as an advertising medium to promote a brand or service.

CLS Healthcare consists of the following divisions:
  • E-communities
  • Business to Consumer
  • Business to Business

CLS Healthcare does not believe in taboos surrounding sexuality and intimacy; everything is open for discussion in the year 2021. At the same time, we at CLS Healthcare feel that these topics must be dealt with respectfully. Intimacy is personal. It might be something that you choose to share with others, but each individual experiences it in his/her own unique way. Many people are not so quick to broadcast their feelings and desires on the subject to the world and want to choose who they share it with themselves. CLS Healthcare attempts to meet the intimacy needs of the consumer with products and services. CLS Healthcare feels that, when it comes to sexuality and intimacy, you should never be offensive and that being attuned to the individual needs of others is of paramount importance. CLS Healthcare handles the subject professionally and wants to meet these needs. CLS Healthcare is a company that aims to make things easier: we provide the highest-quality products and services on a personal and social level. CLS Healthcare values the importance of the privacy of our clients and handles their personal information with the utmost care.

The goal of CLS Healthcare is to contribute to the health and mental well-being of consumers with products and services. CLS Healthcare focuses on products and services in areas involving intimacy, sexuality, and erotica and uses them to make a positive contribution to the health and well-being of consumers:
  • Sometimes, these are purely functional, like a no-nonsense, high-quality condom or a pregnancy test.
  • Sometimes, these are meant to enrich people’s sex lives and make them more pleasurable, as with products like sex toys. A growing group of consumers want to experiment with these types of toys and find it appealing when these items can be purchased in an open, honest, and inspirational atmosphere.
  • Sometimes, these are “emotional”, as with platforms that invite others to share their experiences regarding sex and erotica in that same open, honest, and inspirational atmosphere.

CLS Healthcare leads the pack with its innovative approach to e-commerce solutions.
  • The e-communities are excellent places to connect with other like-minded people.
  • The webshops offer a wide variety of high-quality items at competitive prices.
  • The webshops also possess a social component and facilitates the sharing of experiences in a discreet fashion.
  • Our own products are of the highest-quality and are always competitively priced.
  • As a partner in the B2B market, CLS Healthcare offers premium-quality products and interesting business cases/margins.
  • As a partner in the B2B market, CLS Healthcare thinks collaboratively and cooperates honestly.
  • CLS Healthcare invests in brands, perception, client experience, and innovation.

  • Price comparisons on the website
  • User testimonials
  • Well-positioned labels and brands

CLS Healthcare: a leading, e-commerce company that has its headquarters in The Hague (The Netherlands), with a variety of large webshops and lifestyle platforms. In addition to its internet activities, CLS also has a wholesale division, for the development and sale of business-to-business products such as condoms, self-test kits, and adult toys.